Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mo at GNO

Thanks to Darko Babic who took this photo of me singing "Crazy" last night at GNO...whew...finally got over that hurdle - I am clutching the mic for dear life as you can see....oops...there goes some of Bill's sage advice about not doing that...well in my defense my heart was pounding like crazy.

Thanks to Jordan O'Connor, Norman Marshall Villeneuve and of course the incomparable Bill King for helping me out.

I was so thrilled my friend Ailsa McCreary showed up for moral support and my friend Judy Wineberg. Ilana Waldston was there too and I spotted Sophia Perlman as well.

To celebrate I bought some lovely sparkly earrings from Louisa...yay!

I'm told it gets easier and I feel I will get more confident..looking forward to the last vocal workshop of this session tonight - with special guest the delightful June Garber!! I feel sure with more practice and coaching I can only get better.

M.J and Darlene were amazing on "Here's to Life" and "Jingle Bell Rock" respectively...thanks to Brian for coming out and giving us moral support.

Making some "Kitchen Sink Biscotti" today from "Vegan Cookies Invade your Cookie Jar" .

Met Paul Morrison, pianist - Humber student and today's "Jazzology" guest - he works at Rawlicious - my fave raw restaurant and brought me a treat of macaroons - we had a great discussion about raw food and Hugh Fraser! 
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