Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dave Holland

Hot off the presses or the screen as it were...thanks to Marsha Duggan, my liasion at Humber College, I am told the incomparable Dave Holland will be artist in residence this March - complete with a concert on March 16th...
Mr. Holland always provides for a memorable musical you have been told! Tickets are available at the door, a very reasonable $25, $12 for students and seniors. For more info please call 416 675 6622 ext. 3427.

He will be performing with the Dave Holland Project under the direction of Andy Ballantyne and the Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble led by Denny Christianson.  Check out Dave's latest release "Hands" with guitartist Pepe Habichuela - at

Humber is located at 3199 Lakeshore Boulevard, just FYI and the concert is in the Lakeshore auditorium.
Lucky, lucky students.....Mr. Holland is not only a phenomenal bassist but a true gentleman.

Coming up - thanks to a suggestion from Nancy - a series on musings about their relevance and importance and a little background...and my somewhat biased subjective opinion....
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