Thursday, March 24, 2011

Russ Little Live to Air at Jazz FM

A great time was had by all -  but you aren't surprised are you? It is Russ Little after all and with a great band including Brian Barlow, Tom Szczesniak, Rob Piltch, Scott Alexander and Michael Stuart.

The album itself - which I'm listening to now...yes, I had to get one has a very retro vibe - I might even say it's "groovy"....and features such instrumentation as a Wurlitzer - a Wurlitzer - how often do you hear that these days...also featured on the CD are Robi Botos and Dave Restivo...not too shabby.

I am a big fan of Russ' - well, largely because he's a trombone player and a great one - he's also a swell guy - always upbeat and positive - making everyone he comes into contact with feel wonderful - something we all could learn from.

I got to listen in the booth as we weren't sure how many people would actually that was a novel experience for me - sharing the space with Dani Elwell and of course, between chats Ross Porter.

The chat went in interesting directions - Ross pointing out that so many trombonists are great arrangers - Russ explained this may be for a few reasons - trombonists don't get to solo very often, they sit in the middle of big bands and hear all the colours around them...or, add your trombone joke here - are often unemployed...

Russ also talked about what a valuable experience it was for him to play in the bands of Woody Herman and Count Basie - experience that can't be taught.

 And the music? From the funky "My Mama Told Me So" to the lovely "Here's that Rainy Day" to the self described "slow burn" of "Tutu" it was a delight from start to for peeks into Russ' life - interesting to know that he keeps a trombone in the house, car and his place down south...Yamaha if you must know... the man who wrote the theme to SCTV, among his many credits  is one class act
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