Wednesday, May 4, 2011

P.J. at Royal York Road United Church

IMG_9966.jpgHow lovely to hear jazz in a cozy church - great acoustics of course, no need to overmic everything. Joining P.J. were Neil Swainson on bass, Mark Eisenmann on piano and John Sumner on drums. P.J. used his characteristic humour during the show - relating how his father had gathered 12 family members to hear the Modern Jazz Quartet in Vancouver and was visibly irritated the table next to them was talking...can you relate? His dad got up and waved his arms "Whoa, hold on a minute! My family has travelled here from Port Moody to hear the greatest jazz group in the world and I'll be damned if I will let you spoil it"...ha ha...naturally everyone applauded and the talkers were suitably chastened.

Gorgeous work on "Embraceable You" and "What's New" among other standards such as "Star Eyes", :"Seems Like Old Times" and the great Clifford Brown's "Joyspring" deference to the season - he also joked about "I Remember April" - since it was only yesterday.

You can catch P.J. again at the Rex on May 11th and 12th performing original compositions as he told me with Montreal's Kevin Dean . I always realize how much I miss hearing him on the all too rare occasions he comes to town...

Yes we have a majority Conservative government - however, I am trying to remain positive - I am very happy the NDP made history in their number of seats and that our own beloved MP Olivia Chow got re-elected.
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