Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's Up Doc?

 A lot actually - because it's the annual Hot Docs festival here in Toronto and so much choice! Yesterday I went to see "Bury the Hatchet" screened at the Cumberland - it relates the story of the Mardi Gras Indians - a long standing tradition in New Orleans of the menfolk in the African American community creating and parading in these incredibly elaborate costumes - you should see the beadwork - it's an homage to the Native Americans who sheltered escaping slaves in their communities in the bayous. It's been going on for a couple of centuries - but it's the first many have heard of it...particularly the white community in New Orleans. The stars are three "chiefs" - Alfred Doucette, Monk Boudreaux and Victor Harris - we get insight into their histories with the celebration and of the community itself - even through Katrina and their displacement...fascinating.

The only disappointing part of yesterday happened before we got into the theatre. The ticket holders line snaked past shops in Yorkville, on yet another rainy day and one particularly high handed store owner took umbrage that the great unwashed were in the vicinity of her store - confirming the snooty Yorkville stereotype as someone commented. She came out to lambaste us about blocking the entrance, now really were they any hordes of shoppers rushing to get in. Uh no. Hey we would have moved if you had asked us nicely...guess I won't be recommending "Options for Her" anytime soon to anyone. Remember true class is demonstrated by making those around you comfortable...take a cue from the late Audrey Hepburn or so I am told one George Clooney.

Today two more gems were discovered "Matchmaking Mayor" - about the mayor of a small town in Slovakia who decides he needs to get the singletons paired up and a delightful surprise  - the short shown before it - "Two's a Crowd" - about a New York couple, who marry later in life and keep two residences - finally moving in together after 4 years for economic reasons. Allen and Colette were hysterical - and even more so when they answered questions at the end...get those two a TV show. Collette said in the film she based her opinion on a man by how he stirs paint! So they got a great laugh when they said they are re-painting - and hiring someone to do it...

Off to a Tarotists meetup tonight at Wonderworks...hoping to get to China House tomorrow night for the Barry Elmes Quartet - I can say hello to Pat Collins and Mike Murley and of course Larry Green.
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