Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Jazzology" preparations

We are gearing up for another exciting season of "Jazzology" on Jazz FM 91, hosted by the fabulous Larry Green...yes, he is my boss...:) There will be 5 students each from 4 schools: Mohawk, U of T, York and Humber and I'm looking forward to meeting all of them as well as hearing them perform at some point. The machinery is well oiled and ready to go... Russ Little, trombonist extraordinaire and dapper individual stopped by the station yesterday. He was purchasing extra tickets for the first Sound of Toronto concert - which he is conducting. He is my role model...he is such an enthusiastic and positive guy! He noticed me reading Martha Beck's "The Joy Diet" and was interested in the title...I told him he was already "on" it... Going to Tequila Bookworm tomorrow night to see Steve Ward who is one of this season's "Jazzology" victims, er, guests...another trombone player...was that a decent segue? Will let you know. Saw a harrowing and fascinating DVD last night, last year's best foreign film "The Counterfeiters" about a special crew selected by the Nazis to forge British pounds and U.S. dollars. An interesting exploration of doing what is right and doing what is necessary to survive...
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