Friday, September 12, 2008

Raw Food "Uncooking" Workshop

This is a pictorial example of some of the items that Rose Vasile prepared last night in her workshop. They were all amazing and fact she even pressed her "easy" button after each recipe was completed.
There were about 15 interested parties there and raw foods are getting more of a following all the time as people seek ways to take care of themselves without pills and through preventative "medicine"
We feasted on Smoothies with luscious kale, coronation grapes, blueberries, hemp seeds's her "Green Smoothie" recipe in the book, which can have infinite variations depending on what's available and your taste. Rose emphasized that there is so much choice there's no need to eat the same thing all the time and your body will appreciate it!
Then onto Amazing Avocadoes a creamy and savoury "dip", Veggie pate made with soaked almonds, sunflower seeds, veggies and spices/herbs, Savoury Crackers and finally Lemon Banana Pie...the dessert I didn't get to sample at the Food Fair cooking was well worth the wait and I can't wait to try all these recipes out.
Her straightforward instructions, suggestions and tips as well as her down to earth style make this a definite addition to your cookbook or "uncookbook" selection.
Rose hails from Kitchener but now makes her home in Courtenay B.C. on Vancouver Island. She also conducts retreats...the next one is in January, by the ocean. Sounds lovely.
Check out her website
I am feeling healthier already....
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