Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jazz in the basement of U of T

Where it belongs....or words to that effect, joked Andrew Downing, bass player extraordinaire, organizer, master of ceremonies and videographer for the Jazz Composition Graduate Students concert last night. The room was reminiscent of a 60's era recording studio complete with fluorescent overhead lighting and soundproof walls...I almost expected Miles to come in and ignore people or be rude to them...whichever came first. I was very impressed with all the pieces which were presented last night by several "Jazzology" um, "graduates". Ben Dietschi rounded up some strings for his composition - 2 violins and a cellist. Heather Segger was very comfortable in the conducting role of her fellow students and her husband Mark Segger not only ably provided drum/percussion support for most performances he also presented 2 lovely trio outings himself. Other composers included trombonists Robin Jessome ( an admitted Carla Bley fan) and Steve Ward who has a regular Saturday night gig with his Pocket Quintet at Tequila Bookworm as well as programming acts there. Finally, Tom Van Seters, who is a future guest had 2 short pieces, as he described them one of which was a beautiful, untitled "lament" which reminded me of the constant flow of waves crashing on the shore. Congratulations everyone. Andrew says there will be another such concert in the spring... Please listen to Jazz FM at 9 p.m. tonight for Ben McConchie's "Jazzology". Ben is a charming young trumpet player from B.C. who gives a great much so he helped out Larry Green live during our recent (and very successful) fundraising.
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