Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mad about "Mad Men"

Yes, this is a "Mad Men" like outfit which I got a lot of compliments on....there is also a black pencil skirt which is even more "period"...of course, now I am in withdrawal after the last episode of the season aired on Sunday.
I owe the fabulous Lisa Taub for helping me select it at the first sale of hers I went to....I have been thrilled with every purchase!
Feeling much better after my reflexology treatment...which is why I put my faith in so called alternative medicine...next up...acupuncture and all around wellness...thanks Dr. Woo and Dr. Cindy Lim...
Excited to see the results of the U.S. election..Go Barack!!
On a jazzy note, fall fundraising drive is on at Jazz FM 91...please donate online http://www.jazz.fm/ or 1-800-811-2400...help keep jazz on the air!! You can also win fabulous prizes and get great thank you gifts...
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