Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Alex Goodman Quartet at the Rex

Great set from these young musicians - Alex Goodman on guitar, Chris Donnelly - piano, Justin Gray on bass and Mackenzie Longpre...hope I'm spelling that correctly on drums. Very high energy on original compositions one of which was based on a baroque theme, another a tribute to Felix Mendelsohn - there was also a good crowd which is nice during this holiday period. Alex, Chris and Justin were at the Banff Centre for workshops this past summer and obviously were inspired. My young friend Justin is off to India for 3 months soon along with Andrew and Jonathan Kay his fellow "Monsooners". They will study with their guru, visit the students they have done fundraising for to provide musical instruction and other benefits and tour around the country - just soak up all the incredible culture that India has to offer. And oops..forgot my camera...
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