Friday, December 26, 2008

Boss Brass, jazz in town and oh yes, Christmas..

This is the Boss Brass in action at the Old Mill last week. Photo is courtesy of Ben McConchie, one of our former "Jazzology" guests. Ben is a talented trumpet player from Humber College who I felt deserving of the opportunity of seeing his first ever Boss Brass concert with his friend and fellow trumpeter, Marty.
Glad you had a great time, guys! By the way, Ben has a great potential career in broadcasting...he's very professional!
Christmas in Whitby with my family was brother Alan even looked up vegan recipes on the internet and made a nutloaf and Tofu Ricotta Manicotti...yummm..there were even leftovers to take home.
Here they all are:
My sister in law Becky at left front, my sister Kathleen beside her, me, my dad, my brother in law Les and my brother and chef Alan.
Alan and Becky were babysitting a cute little Westie, 2 and a half named Buddy....
Isn't he cute...he was the sweetest little dog..
Their own sweet Westie, Heather, aged 13 died about a year ago..
As for music during the holidays I am debating between Brian Chahley and friends at Chalkers tomorrow from 6 - 10 or Russ Little Trio at the Old Mill...then there's also Tequila Bookworm....hmmm.
Planning on going to see Clint this afternoon in "Gran Torino" - that is my Boxing Day tradition...going to a movie and avoiding shopping.
Clint er, Mr. Eastwood as we know is a huge jazz it is kind of jazz related...
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