Friday, December 26, 2008

Movie Recommendation

First, because Clint is doing a masterful job of movie making in his later years. Second, he surrounded himself with a talented cast of "newcomers" and third, he and Jamie Cullum co-wrote the theme song, which Jamie sings at the end of the film!! (Clint is a major jazz fan....) I read a review which likened the structure of the film to a Western...interesting to think about as you're watching the themes are very familiar - the stoic outsider who helps out the family harassed by an evil gang, the law being powerless, and substitute cars for horses, and greatest element of all - the need for vengeance. Of course, Mr. Eastwood is very familiar with THAT genre... Speaking of jazz and film, I wonder whatever happened to the Don Cheadle project he was planning on producing and starring in about Miles Davis....would love to see that...maybe Clint could get involved in that one too...after all, he has already done "Bird"...
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