Monday, December 1, 2008

Prevent "Pushing Daisies" from, well, pushing daisies

I learned in my local paper this morning one of my favourite shows "Pushing Daisies" is being cancelled or at least not renewed by ABC.
This delightful show is part fantasy, comedy, romance, murder mystery - has great writing and optics - the sets, costumes and cast are fabulous. The effervescent"Olive Snook" played by Kristen Chenoweth, the wacky aunts Lily and Vivian played by Swoosie Kurtz and Ellen Greene, charming and beguiling "Chuck" played by Anna Friel, the cynical PI "Emerson Cod" played by Chi McBride and of course the sweet but deadly piemaker "Ned" played by Lee Pace.
There is so much substandard fare on TV these days that it's a crime to cancel such a creative show...perhaps one Emerson Cod can solve and keep solving..
There are petitions on the internet on both Facebook and just google "Pushing Daisies petition"
With all the doom and gloom around these days let's keep this bright and whimisical place on the air!
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