Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Jazzology" all booked and Jingle Bones...

Wow! It's true - all the students have been booked now for "Jazzology" up until April 16th...a great gift! I'm looking forward to meeting all the "kids" as I call them...
Tomorrow night celebrate with a multitude of heavenly trombones at the Rhino on Queen West.
Come all you trombone players and fans...there is the promise of Christmas-type music plus one of the best beer selections anywhere to help you enjoy the music all the more.
Fun starts at 7:30 to around 10:30 ish. Also bring a donation for the Food Bank (non perishable or money). Thanks!
P.S. This is shameless plug for my brother Colin (who is as you guessed it a trombone, nay a BASS trombone player) - this is the second annual....
More jazz listings to come.
By the way, saw a great movie last night "Happy Go Lucky" - a Mike Leigh film about the adventures of the eternally optimistic Poppy in London. It's worth it for the scenes with the flamenco instructor alone!
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