Friday, December 5, 2008

Worshipping at the Church of Kurt

Here is virtual Kurt handsomely decorating the pass I was given as a ticket for his show at the Diesel Playhouse...which after a bit of confusion meant perching on a stool on the back wall.
Well, free Kurt is free Kurt.
In his masterful way he grabbed the audience from the start with a lovely a cappella piece about autumn. I am gushing of course but he has a way of riveting an audience's attention like few people can claim.
He was then joined by his composing, arranging and performing partner the stellar Laurence Hobgood and by new sidemen, Clark Summers and Ulysses Owens Jr.
The second tune of the night was Joe Jackson's "Stepping Out" - I continue to like how people are mining the popular songbook to more recent decades.
From an almost sermon like rap on staying out late to a philosophical mind bending tangent on what I will call "Life of the Mind", Kurt (who pointed out he had a headcold) was nevertheless in top form. Other tunes were "Man Up in the Air" his nod to Wayne Shorter and a new piece "Dream Clock " with a nod to the late Joe Zawinul, seamlessly melding it into "Night Moves".
If the audience hadn't melted yet, they surely would have with "Say It" with one woman in the front waving her CD around...ahem..(not me of course).
As an encore he sang a tune about a Little Cloud in search of God with bassist Clark Summers.
Love Mr. Elling, he never disappoints.
This afternoon I had the pleasure of going shopping, ostensibly for Christmas presents, but we shall see how many make it to their intended recipients. Louisa LaBarbera jeweller to the jazz stars :) was having one of her semi annual in house (literally) and I picked up a few things as well as yummy snacks and dips provided by her friend Pamela DiTomaso and her Epicure Selections (I got some of the Pesto/Artichoke dip mix) Need I add there was also chocolate in the form of a fountain. I like shiny sparkly's the magpie in me.
You are guaranteed to meet a few jazz vocalists at her sales, she also brings her merchandise to "Girl's Night Out" on occasion, the weekly ladies (and some gents) jazz jam at Chalkers.
Louisa is also part of jazz royalty, being the daughter of renowned saxophonist Pat LaBarbera
Tomorrow, a potential trip to see Richard Underhill at Chalkers.
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