Friday, August 7, 2009

Folk Fest - Day 2

Washing floors, dishes, breaking down boxes, answering phones, picking up Vietnamese food for lunch...such is the glamourous life of the Jazz Goddess....
A recap of my musical adventures: last night was Boz Scaggs (whom I've had a huge crush on since I was a teenager - and he didn't disappoint). As the closing act he pulled out such hits as "Jojo", "Love Looked What You've Done to Me" and of course "Lido Shuffle" I was dancing in my seat backstage and many people crammed the dance area at the base of the hill. Steve Earle proved why he is such a beloved singer/songwriter and earlier Kathleen Edwards and Breabach charmed the crowd.
My Wednesday night experience was first of all exhilarating - with 5 minutes training, cashier in the Records tent - crazy busy - but good for the Festival. I heard Tracy Chapman - who sounded incredible and later Sarah McLachlin, looking radiant if a bit chilled in jeans, a fitted leather jacket and cozy raspberry fluffy scarf. She opened with one of my favourites "Building a Mystery" which coincidentally was playing on the Airporter bus radio to Pearson! "Born Innocent" , "Aidy" and an audience participation poll for a Joni Mitchell tune - "River" over "Blue". Encore "Better than Ice Cream" with obligatory audience sing along of course.
If you've never been the Folk Festival is an amazing experience - 30 years strong which is made possible by a really, really hard working staff and battalion of volunteers - some 2,200. It's an wonderful group of people many of whom have been giving their time and energy for years.
Special mention to my host Richard Stuart - who does a miraculous job as administrator of making sure i is dotted and t crossed, supplies delivered, patrons happy, funding in place, public informed...fires put out... etc. etc. etc.. 
For me, as it used to be, it's a time to encounter everyone I know in Edmonton and experience the magic of seeing the hillside lit up with candles.
Pictures to come...
Also a posting about a great new artist, winner of the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting competion, Ben Sures.
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