Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rod Stewart

Yes, you read that right...Mr. "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" himself....and many audience members did judging from the shrieks and at one point even the pair of periwinkle panties thrown onstage... Prepared with earplugs, I really enjoyed myself in spite of the decibel level. A nice gift perk, due to my friend Richard's connections. Resplendent in a raspberry sharkskin jacket, stovepipe pants and sparkling gold shoes, Rod strutted out on the all white stage which displayed at it's centre - the Celtic football club logo. Although he is not as spry as he used to be he puts on a great show, complete with sexy backup singers in matching raspberry dresses (sequined on top) reminiscent of Motown or 60's girl groups - and Rod did reference that era with a few Sam Cooke numbers - "Twistin the Night Away" among them. He also had a pretty good looking band dressed natch in sharkskin suits for the males and a striped silver and black mini for his leggy blonde sax player and a more discreet but snug black number on his violinist/mandolin player. A couple of changes of clothes - next up was a silver sharkskin jacket and then a white shirt and what I think were leather pants made to look like jeans - still the rocker. He deftly kicked a number of soccer balls during one number and obviously appeared to be enjoying himself. Included were of course" Maggie May" , "You're in my Heart" and "Tonight's the Night". During the O'Jay's "Love Train" an actual love train or chain of people was weaving around the main floor - who remained standing throughout most of the show I might add. Highlights included the contributions of the backup singers - great voices all and especially on the Tina Turner nod "Proud Mary"... Fun stuff.
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