Monday, August 31, 2009

Listening to Ben Sures

Each time I listen to this album I like it more and more. Recently I got to listen to it on a drive back from Welland....good travelling music.
The first cut reminds me of Paul Simon "Dancer" and of course I love "If I Had a Ray Gun", isn't the cover art cool?
"Not on the Town" with Little Miss Higgins, "Til I Learned to Cook for You"...I could go on and on and would....but eventually my literary skills would be exhausted. He does get a lot of airplay on CBC, that much I know and I certainly enjoyed hearing him at the Edmonton Folk Fest.
Instead just get this CD from this Edmonton based singer/songwriter - that my friend Richard called the "pocket Leonard Cohen"...however, Ben is not in any way as morose and he is possibly insulted by that comparison. Suffice to say that he is comparable as a talented writer and I'm not sure how he feels about Buddhism.
(Full disclosure - he is the beau of Richard's indispensible assistant Shauna...) for more info...or check out
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