Thursday, August 27, 2009

Super to Sublime

Just for fun, I went down to the Ex last night as the Canadian National Exhibition is known - a country fair to the nth degree which has been happening in Toronto for decades and is the signal of the end of summer and back to school for the kids. I wandered through the games, eyeing the plush toys on offer and of course watched people on the midway rides - some of which made my stomach do sommersaults just observing. The real reason for heading down was to see those canine wonders - The President's Choice SuperDogs. The dogs were raring to go as you could hear them barking away while the emcee went through the pre-show. There was a Jack Russell (pretty fast on those wee legs), sheepdog, border collie, bulldog, Westie, and even a pair of very well trained Rottweilers - plus an assortment of purebreds and Heinz 57s. "So You Think You Can Dance" - dog version involved a few contestants weaving through a series of flags and being "marked" by a guest judge - a young lady named Sarah for speed, not missing a flag and style... And of course, the obligatory races with one side of the venue being pitted against the other...a lot of fun. And now for the Sublime... I visited Odile Chocolat which is on Dundas (between Euclid and Palmerston). Odile herself, and her charming Parisian tones welcomed me into this tiny boutique and kindly offered two sample of her lavender concoctions - a caramel and a truffle. Delicieux! How can I resist anyone who offers me chocolate? Made from 54% Callebaut chocolate her truffles contain such delightful flavours as cardamom (The Bollywood), Poire William; rum, orange and spices (Caribbean) and of all things wild mushroom (she has a Canadiana series) ! I'm going to have to try that one. Of course, next time. I purchased the Bollywood pair and the Romance - rose, champagne and black pepper.
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