Saturday, August 29, 2009

Raw Aura

Thanks for the heads up from "Raw in Toronto" about this new - and I'm talking opened last Monday new - raw restaurant in Port Credit. I liked the funky table tops (cross sections of tree trunks) and warm vibe from this new spot in Mississauga. The music selection - some kind of hard driving alternative stuff - not so much. I was expecting more of a New Age soundscape or world music - something a little more gentle shall we say. I sampled the Pizza with marinara sauce - tender and delicious crust made from srouted buckwheat and vegetables and a creamy cashew "cheese", and I believe dehydrated parsnip slices and kale - all ingredients are organic you will be happy to know. Also sampled the Lasagna which had creamy elements but also a bite from the marinara sauce I believe. To finish: Pumpkin Pie...yum. The menu is extensive with a good selection of salads, appetizers, entrees and juices. Obviously word is spreading because they were pretty busy both with in house and takeout orders. It's very close to the Port Credit Go in case you were interested... Visit
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