Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chris Butcher....Brian Chahley

Chris Butcher's trio tomorrow night at Gate 403 - the dinner hour...so come on down and nosh at this cozy Roncesvalles spot, enjoy the wonderful musicianship of Chris on trombone, and his equally delightful band members, Justin Gray on bass and Todd Pentney on piano. Seems like a nice way to avoid the cold or getting cabin fever. That same evening....Brian Chahley is back in town with a stellar group of American visitors at the Rex for the 9:30 show....encore Thursday night, same bat station, same bat channel.... Go Juniors! Get that gold medal! It's days like today, snowy and grey that make it nice to work from home...although I did need to venture over to Kensington for Ideal coffee, produce and raw "coconut cups" from Choco Sol - addictive - from the fabulous 4 Life - playing some great jazz today... Reading "This is Your Brain on Music" by Dan Levittan...food for thought...
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