Thursday, January 14, 2010

Farewell Ed and Teddy....

Sad news today, in the midst of so much sadness coming out of the catastrophic quake that hit the beleaguered country of Haiti. Blessings to all those who survived - help is on the way, prayers for those who perished.
Drumming great Ed Thigpen has passed away at the age of 79. Ed was best known for his six year stint with Oscar Peterson's trio - I'm sure Oscar among others will be there to welcome him.
And because I grew up with the great music of the 70's - we have lost soul singer par excellence, and sex symbol Teddy Pendergrass at age 59 due to colon cancer. I have been watching a You Tube clip from Soul Train - the fabulous Harold Melvin and the Blues Notes "If you don't know me by now"....

Thank you for your gifts gentlemen.

In a different vein, please check out and the book - "Waiter Rant" - it's incredibly riveting and an education - you will hopefully never treat waitstaff with disdain again....not that I do - I am usually of the extra nice overtipping school.

R.J. Satchithananthan was the "Jazzology" taping guest - of course, trombone players always appreciated (not that I'm biased). R.J. bought his first trombone from my brother, Colin! Justin Sauson of Mohawk is on air tonight.

Thinking of going to check out Tequila Bookworm tonight at 9 and in the meantime - working on the archive and making chili.

I think the next time I'm going somewhere I might "luxe" out a bit - a little pampering. Although I haven't left for Barbados yet, I'm already thinking about a trip to New York in spring - it's lovely there then (well, it always is, really) yet, I remember how there were tulips and daffodils planted everywhere and trees were out in bloom -it's just that much further south.

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