Sunday, February 14, 2010

Atlanta visitors at Pulp Kitchen and my view on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Gung Hey Fat my lame attempt at Chinese I wish you Happy Chinese New Year...yesterday I celebrated by having some dim sum goodies at King's Cafe in Kensington including dumplings which I was craving...yummm... I am a Tiger myself. This morning I ventured east to Pulp Kitchen and had scrumptious French toast with almond crust, a V6 juice and a latte - my dining companion had the Strawberry Banana Waffles...also good. I haven't been to the venue since the most and it was high time....Marie Crawford is doing her usual stellar job. We even got heart shaped cookies at the end...nice. Sunday is of course popular brunch time in T.O. and especially today because it's Valentine's Day - love to everyone reading and lots of chocolate of course. It was particularly gratifying to overhear the conversation of a couple from Atlanta who were obviously enjoying sampling the fine veg fare of the GTA. (Found out about through the wonders of the interweb). Marie also gave them a Veg Directory and I boldly introducted myself on behalf of vegetarians in T.O. and a TVA member. Don and his wife (whose name I have forgotten..I'm terribly sorry - how Canadian is that, apologizing, but I am bad at remembering names) had been to Fressen, Full Moon etc but not ventured into the fab Kensington Market - so I 'm sure they will now check this out. I also discovered them to be jazz fans and they have been listening to our very own Jazz FM on their car radio - natch, I let them know my connection and about our festivals...not thinking to let them know about clubs, however in listening to the station and surfing the web, they may know that already....welcome, Atlantans!! There are 9 veg places in Atlanta so I think we can be justifiably proud - I think we have certainly come a long way in terms of choice and acceptance. and of course As for the opening ceremonies, in spite of minor glitches I was proud to be Canadian - I felt the visuals were beautiful and loved the orcas "swimming" across the stage, complete with spume! The pillars become trees, then glittering....the aerial ballet to Joni's "Both Sides Now", the grunge fiddlers, k.d.lang!!!, Sarah's necklace - loved that! (oh and her performance)...who are they going to bring out for closing? Diana K? Michael Buble? Celine?

I confess not being fond of the "O Canada" treatment..what was going on there...I wish it would be "jazzed up" and I mean tempo more often. One of the best versions I heard was by the's a march, people.

Making Almond Crusted Seitan Cutlets, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Steamed Greens later...maybe photos and hopefully off to hear Fern Lindzon at the Rex.

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