Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Danica Leigh at Bread and Circuses

Well, as much as I liked supporting Canadian theatre - I realized why I stopped going to some productions and particuarly Factory - please, please lighten up on the material - I know everyone wants to be taken seriously, however they also want to be entertained. I appreciated the performances in George Walker's "And So It Goes" and the writing....however, would love to see say some Stewart Lemoine. Not heard of him? He is a wonderful Edmonton playwright who is a little obsessed with 30's and 40's era movies and particularly musicals. I had the pleasure of seeing numerous productions when I lived out west. Also, how about Conni Massing another wonderful playwright? Canada does extend beyond Ontario borders... With that rant out of the way now for a rave...the fabulous Danica Leigh - not only is she a lovely person inside and out - she is a fabulous, assured vocalist - I predict big things for this young lady. She was appearing at "Bread and Circuses" a venue I haven't checked out before in Kensington - and you know how I love Kensington. There's a cabaret space at the back where music is presented. Danica's band included "Jazzology" guests Tom Ionescu on guitar and Ben Young on bass...I reminded Ben I need his list (he is this week's guest)..thanks for checking out the blog! Gorgeous work all - particularly on "Blame It on My Youth" one of my fave standards - Tom and Danica. Guess who was there? Why Jazz FM's man about town - Jaymz Bee. Mr. Bee is having Danica as special guest performer on an upcoming Jazz Safari. Today is Peanut Butter Cookies and later a trip down to Fort York for some celebration....anniversary? Cynthia Dale is involved....
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