Sunday, February 28, 2010

Avocado and "Bacon"

This shiny creature is a new type of avocado purchased at the always delicious 4 Life in Kensington.
It's very creamy and a little citrusy, plus a paler green than the normal Haas avocadoes - I wondered why they had all these unripe ones at new discoveries...
It went very well in a "BLT" yesterday - the bacon being some "Smoky Tofu Bacon" made by Ying Ying Soy Foods of Oakville - purchased at Essence of Life - also in Kensington...scarily good stuff...smoky, crunchy goodness.
We are in the midst of hockey fever today - everyone glued to their TVs to watch the gold medal game - Canada vs. U.S. - even Neil Young is there! Will he perform at the closing ceremonies? So far 2-1 for Canada.
Tonight's menu is Sweet Potato soup (with peanut butter) and a green salad....
A little bragging - apparently my review of the Sea-U Guest House in Barbados has had 100 looky loos on Trip!
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