Friday, October 3, 2008

Changing the profile photo and More California

Notice my profile picture change...I am wearing a "Tinkerbell" tshirt and earring in honour of Disneyland and that I like fairies and sparkly stuff...:) I took the train down to San Diego and it was wonderful...such great scenery...for most of the trip the train hugs the coastline and you can practically reach out and touch the Pacific! This is one of the beautiful structures at Balboa Park, which include a theatre and art gallery. I believe the buildings were built for a World's Fair over 100 years ago and are still gorgeous! This is a photo of my dear friend Nancy and me at Balboa Park in San Diego on our way in to a lovely dinner at Prado. She was so gracious in showing me around her city including visiting the old section where we were serenaded by musicians at lunch.
Coming installments....trip up to Santa Barbara and Disneyland....
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