Monday, October 20, 2008

The fabulous Tim O'Brien

It is a rare thing when you are completely mesmerized by a performer and this happened last night at Hugh's Room with the return of Tim O'Brien.
I was first introduced to Tim's music through a CD recommendation (and one of my favourite recordings) "Red on Blonde" a great series of bluegrass covers of Bob Dylan tunes.
Tim is a redhead...:)
I had the pleasure of hearing him live a couple of years ago in the same venue and couldn't wait to hear him again!!
He is the consummate musician and entertainer, battling the tail end of a cold as he explained, the "gravel" in his voice he seamlessly switched between guitar, mandolin and fiddle with witty reparatee and even banjo jokes in between as he was tuning.
His first tune was a beautiful and haunting traditional melody "Pretty Fair Maid in the Garden" which was enchanting.
The audience ate it up and loudly applauded and whistled after each tune. He has a new recording called "Chameloeon" and performed said tune with audience participation. His second set included requests such as "Senor" from "Red on Blonde".
"Like I used to do" was a paen to enduring love and some political tongue in cheek with "The World was made for Everyone" (and especially for me)...about U.S. sense of entitlement...
Well, he did do a fundraiser for Mr. Obama...
Another poignant tune about unrequited love "The Garden".
Can't wait to see him again. Check him out at You can find out where he's performing next, he mentioned New England and Albany, NY .
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