Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Sad Note

My mom, Betty Murray (nee Whitley) passed away today - she was 81. She had been diagnosed in the summer with several brain tumours and the cancer had also spread to one of her lungs.
This is the last photo I have of her at my niece Meredith's wedding in July. My sister Kathleen is on the left and has been a wonderful support for my dad through this trying time - looking after him and also visiting my mom.
Thank you mom for feeding me, teaching me to cook and bake, love old movies and music, giving me a lifelong love of reading, the arts, an interest in the metaphysical and unknown, listening to me while we did the dishes, comforting me when life seemed so hard especially through the difficult teenage years.
I loved hearing your stories of Belfast and what it was like growing up there, through the Great Depression and the Second World War.
Bless you for all that and I feel at peace knowing you are on a new journey surrounded by those you loved and lost and you will be remembered by many here on earth, including Harry, my dad; Alan and Colin my brothers and their wives Becky and Kathy; Kathleen and her husband Les; grandchildren Meredith, Connor and Frances.
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