Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Japanese Connection

While on my way home today via the market in Trinity Bellwoods I came upon a group of young Japanese who were asking people their favourite spots in Toronto. They had drawn (with the help of passers-by) a makeshift map of T.O. on pizza boxes...so I obliged with Kensington Market and pointed out the great veg restaurants there. I also of course drew in Jazz FM 91 in Liberty Village - or the general area south of Parkdale as best I could. How very inventive and a great way for them to meet people and practice their English - which was really great by the way. The young man I spoke to was named Yoki - I think. They are here for 11 months and I wish them lots of fun and adventure...maybe they will visit the station - I told them they should - they seemed very interested when I mentioned jazz - as I know Japanese are huge jazz fans. This whole experience restored my day as prior to this I was feeling a little bummed....Konichiwa.
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