Monday, July 26, 2010

France Maisonneuve

I caught this enchanting young woman with exotic beauty while flipping around the channels last night - on French CBC I believe or TVO - the sound isn't the greatest but enjoy!

I also succumbed to the charms of this silky Michael Kors number at "Tressa" on Bloor Street West in the Kingsway - the store has many lovely item, gorgeous jewellery and a chic French proprietor! Thank you Victoria. I think it's very "Joan" of Mad Men.

Also reading the fascinating "All Over the Map" by one of my favourite writers, Laura Fraser - dealing with her incredible travels, exterior and interior...I am jealous of the exterior ones, for sure. We also share a love of food....

This afternoon a post about the evolution of the jazz club as per a suggestion made by Nancy....
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