Sunday, July 18, 2010

Love, loss and what I wore

Yes, the glorious Andrea Martin as the unforgettable Edith Prickley. I know Andrea has moved on to many other roles since then - but who can forget that leopardskin coat and hat?!

Although there is a solid cast involved in this production the highlights belonged to Miss Martin - her fond reminiscence of a beloved shirt, equated to the end of a love affair and a hilarious rant about the futility of purses are what I'm talking about.

The show is anchored by the always fab Louise Pitre - she is from Welland, you know my home town - she narrates her character's story of her life in dresses.....and what a great ensemble - the Princess Warrior herself - Mary Walsh, veteran Sharron Matthews (who does a great exchange with Andrea on being fat vs. thin) and Paula Brancati - who offers one of the more poignant bits with her reflections on boots. Paula plays Jenny, Erica's best friend on one of my fave shows "Being Erica" I loved the rapid fire volleys extolling the colour black and bras exchanged by the cast.....

The house was half full this afternoon - so ladies get yourselves out for some very enjoyable theatre and support the sisters in Nora Ephron's relatable work....."Love, Loss and What I Wore".
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