Monday, July 19, 2010

Zucchini Explosion

Two of the many zucchinis taking over the community garden plot these days. I am scouring cookbooks and the internet as to what to do with it's a Raw Zucchini Lasagna. Tomorrow Date and Zucchini Muffins....or they could be used as a weapon - like that old Alfred Hitchcock Presents with Barbara Bel Geddes (Miss Ellie on "Dallas) taking care of her hubby with a leg of lamb and then cooking it for the investigating officers....

Speaking of heavyweights - why not check out the Heavyweights Brass Band at the Painted Lady on Ossington tomorrow night?

I am currently reading "This Time Together" by Carol Burnett - a wonderful series of stories and anecdotes about her theatre career, life in New York, encounters with her idols and of course the treasured "Carol Burnett Show". I grew up watching her as I'm sure many did - loving especially her movie spoofs - of course, from a loving perspective as she was the biggest movie buff of all - she even worked as a movie usher in her younger years. Who can ever see "Gone with the Wind" again and not think about the dress made of curtains - complete with curtain rod thanks to the incredible Bob Mackie...or "Mildred Fierce" or "Sunset Boulevard" and her Nora Desmond? Or the intellectually but not posterior challenged Miss Wiggins?

There are many laugh out loud parts but also chapters of great poignancy. I think she would be a lovely lady to meet in person as kind, funny and warm as she always appeared on TV - and with that beautiful smile and infectious laugh!
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