Monday, July 5, 2010

A-maze -ing

See left...the Heavyweights Brass Band - that's Jon Challoner on trumpet and Chris Butcher on trombone plus Rob Teehan on tuba or is it sousaphone? Rob's brother also provided vocals yesterday - the band did a walk over to Kensington and back before I got there and held court outside (by the patio) at Grossman's on Spadina.

Lest you think they are a strictly traditional New Orleans style jazz band - they do covers of....."Bad Romance" -uh huh, Lady Gaga, "Single Ladies" and in a nod to the eighties "Never Gonna Give You Up"...something Rick Astley never thought of I'm sure....Bobby Shew joined in on sax and a drummer from the Phillipines plus a crazy street person/cyclist who took it upon himself to dance around the band members with high kicks no less and do some emceeing - ah the joys of outdoor performances.
Check them out at the Painted Lady July 20th....

Earlier I had been to see Melissa Lauren at Gate 403 with Nathan Hiltz on guitar - always a pleasure - she even cycled from downtown for her gig.

Perhaps a break from jazz is in order for a few days....just a comment on the title of the blog, after taking in some Chaka Khan and with some time to kill before Christian Scott at the Hard Rock Cafe - hmmm.....standing room if you must know - not for me after one set - I walked the labyrinth behind Eaton's Centre and I'm telling you it's a peculiar sensation....

Once you enter you become completely focused on following the path to it's conclusion - blocking out the world, very Zen, almost a trance like state. And once you start on the path - people materialize from nowhere to try out the maze as well...spooky. It's as if the energy draws them in...until some teenagers go running across it and break the spell....

Harvesting greens and yesterday a zucchini - wow, grocery store size - seems amazing it's producing already.

I wonder if Paul McCartney knew about labryrinths when he wrote "Maybe I'm amazed" - or is that in fact the source of the word - the hypnotic powers of the maze...whoa, that's enough philosophizing for one day.
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