Thursday, July 29, 2010

Showers and Sundar

Well, okay it ended up being a torrential downpour - but it was great while it lasted. The band members included Adrean Farrugia, Larnell Lewis and Mark Cashin.....not too shabby at all. Plus Sundar Viswanathan on sax and vocals - very very nice....something always seems to interfere with me and Sundar in concert last night was my second the third time should be the charm....

I first met him a couple of years ago when he came to drop off some CDs at Jazz FM.

Here are some more pics including a little girl enjoying the music i.e. dancing. There seemed to be an inordinate amount of curly haired girls there last night - including myself...

Next week it's Heather Bambrick at the Coxwell Parkette and I'm predicting sunny skies - on that particular evening I will be listening to Van Morrison at the Edmonton Folk Festival....woo hoo!

On a more serious note please check out the timely documentary - "No Country for Animals" produced by Global's Kevin Newman - I think you will find it if you check their website.

Overheard : a talented jazz duo - trumpet and bass at the corner of Queen and John - northwest corner - please give them some of your hard earned cash.

A little plug for Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen  - just west of Greenwood on the Danforth - if you haven't been you should go - I had some delicious Pad Thai before the concert PLUS they were playing Jazz FM!! There are many scrumptious options...
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