Thursday, July 8, 2010

Too Darn Hot!

In the words of the immortal Cole Porter - the temperature outside feels like 40 C....way too warm for me without the lovely Caribbean nearby and mangoes and rum punch...hmmmm....

A couple of jazz tidbits - Max Sennitt y Sus Amigos at Gate 403 demain a neuf heures
The Maisies at the Rex at 6:30, Sunday:Monsoon with Ingrid Jensen (!) at the Rex for the late show and the always dapper Dan Bodanis and his trio at Azure lounge at the Intercontinental.

Hard for me to conjure up too much enthusiasm these days as the heat is merciless - have not even investigated the Fringe....we are due for some cooling tomorrow. Meanwhile the garden is still flourishing.

I am seriously checking out "Dressing your Truth" - by Carol Tuttle after an article in the Toronto Star this week. Check it out for yourself - - where we are divided into 4 energy types according to the elements of chemistry if I remember correctly - Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon - as types 1 - 4 - I know the oxygen and carbon ones are correct. I suspect I may be Type 2 - the soft flowing, muted one - we shall see. In her book and her more detailed online course there is more information about personality traits - including body language and then what clothes, colours and accessories work for your type...fascinating....
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