Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Barista Espresso Bar in Liberty Village

Discovered a little gem this morning while running errands in Liberty Village - tucked into the "galleria" - why not be Italian - near the Brazenhead. The owner told me the spot has only been open 9 weeks.

The proprietor is certainly easy on the eyes - as for other kinds of feasting there is gelato, Italian chocolates, panini and foccacia, sandwiches and the creamiest soy latte I've had in Toronto - not to mention a cinnamon imprint in the shape of a coffee cup on the foam!

Cozy blue benches, wrought iron tables - one of which I sat at outside on the cobblestones and in the little protected walkway imagined I was back in Italia!

Read about and the charming family history and the "bar sport" which evolved from "Sartoria San Remo" - I assume a tailors shop on Clinton, south of College operated by his uncle and family - the family would pause for espresso - and extend this to their customers in warm Italian tradition - and eventually creating an espresso bar in the front - thus carrying on a tradition started by his "nonno" in Calabria before he left in the 1950s in search of a more prosperous life in Canada. He vowed to his "zio" Giuseppe to carry on the tradition after the place closed after 40 years in business.

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