Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breaking out of the comfort zone

Which is such a lovely place to be especially in pajamas with a warm cuppa and good book. Gulp - I have sent in my application for Bill King's workshops at 918 Bathurst starting in October. I've been threatening forever to take the plunge and try my hand and singing - writing about it is I will literally put my money where my mouth is....Bill assures me it's very fun.

Thanks for the push Darlene! Darlene advises I should blog about it - true, it will be good material.

And what is happening music wise you may ask...well, it's time for the annual Coltrane tribute - anchored by tenor men Kirk McDonald and Pat Labarbera - starting tomorrow (Friday) for 3 nights at the Rex. Tonight if you can squeeze it in - Pat is with Mark Eisenman, Terry Clarke and Neil Swainson up at the China House - which I still need to investigate...because Larry Green is programming....

Vocalist Pat Murray has Dave Restivo and George Koller - fine company at the Duke of York tonight at 9....for something completely different check out Fern Lindzon's group at the new Bell Lightbox Theatre on Sunday - 4 performances to Buster Keaton's "Sherlock Junior" - starting at 11 a.m.

Paul Read is at the Old Mill tomorrow at 7:30 and Gord Sheard at Lula lounge at 8 p.m.

That hunka burnin love Ori Dagan does a tribute to Elvis on Sunday at 9 at George's Play - 504 Church Street.  As always - Azure every Thursday, friday and Saturday with Dan and the guys - Dave Restivo is on the keys tomorrow and Anthony Michelli sitting in on drums.

A very happy birthday to Fay Olson, publicist, friend,  jazz promoter and supporter - one might say she is happily married to it. Right Don? Which reminds me Vern Dorge is sitting in with his saxophone with the CJQ tomorrow at Quotes.

Day 4 of the cleanse - okay so far but the scent of coffee sure is tantalizing not to mention the torture of so many food ads on TV! 6 more days to go - no wheat, coffee, citrus,chocolate, soy, nuts, fried or processed other words - no fun.
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