Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bunny Beck - Sound Tapestries

This CD arrived in the mail today - and I have been listening this morning - a very pleasant, soothing experience - really as advertised a beautiful sound tapestry - letting the music flow over me - many great tunes solo and with the trio - I particularly enjoyed "Meditation" and it's Latin vibe, the buoyant "When Your Lover has Gone" and a poignant "Pete Kelly's Blues".  And I loved the watery feeling teal and green cover -  during the dog days of summer - this is as cool and refreshing as a waterfall. As I understand it Bunny is a fixture on the New York scene - having played at a variety of venues and has studied with the like of Reinaldo Gomez in Cuba, Sonny Bravo and the legendary Harold Mabern. She intially trained as a classical pianist - thanks to Michele Mortenson at Parma Recordings - check out

I have been curtailing my entries due to a problem with my right wrist - like a flare up of carpal tunnel - so I am wearing a wrist support have seen my Osteopath - the wonderful Janet Walker and employed some castor oil packs as per the advice of my new naturopath Dana Lerman at Pure Intent in Kensington - she is a warm, understanding individual - and very thorough - I am also sampling some nutritive tea mixture and Dandelion Root tea. Her space that she shares with other therapists is cozy, welcoming and a little oasis in the city...looking forward to working with her. I filled out a food diary and a comprehensive questionnaire before going - with a focus on Ayurvedic - I know I am strongly Pitta with a bit of Kapha  - so the hot weather is not my favourite thing.

As for jazz - I just got the Sound of Jazz line up and am looking forward to hearing Ian Shaw again as well as Kellylee Evans' Nina Simone tribute. Upcoming - the Heavyweights Brass Band at the Rex on Labour Day and Melissa Lauren is at the Reservoir next Wednesday from 7 - 9 p.m. - be sure and hang around for Bradley and the Bouncers afterwards. I keep saying I need to go down to the Reservoir and it's finally time to get off my duff and do it.

I am also contemplating taking voice lessons with a jazz emphasis of course - though I would be starting from scratch....who knows I may get brave enough for "Girls' Night Out".
Also am making good on meditating - I'm finding the book " Lovingkindness - the Revolutionary Art of Happiness" - to be really helpful - I feel rested and rejuvenated after my 20 minutes.

Below is the "Choose Your Path" Cardigan  - which seems appropriate for me right now....
Visited "Anthropologie" and bought a couple of items in Yorkville - a gorgeous flowing brown sweater and a purple wrap dress - trying to incorporate the "Dressing Your Truth" wisdom - I got my colour cards today...woo hoo.
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