Saturday, September 18, 2010

Passion for purple

Yes, like Prince at one time I am currently obsessed with many shades of that royal colour - I believe it is the colour of higher consciousness - the third eye chakra if I'm not mistaken. Part of my adoration of this colour is that it seems to very "in" right now - one of the autumn shades I'm seeing a lot in stores and fashion magazines.

Not a great shot of one of my new outfits - check out Bergstrom originals if you want to see more great locally designed clothing  - the skirt is called "Grace Kelly" - how cool is that? The top and skirt are super comfortable, the skirt is more of a pencil silhouette with a flared bottom - kind of Joan/Mad Men - a lovely subtle plum plaid with a gold and taupe weave and the belt is tied like an obi....Christina does amazing work, what can I say -

I also have the wonderful 60's inspired "Mystify" top.

Found some more jersey tops at Winners yesterday too plus drooling over items on the Anthropologie website....will purple shoes be next? My fingernails are lilac and toes a dusty plum. See? Obsessed.

I have even gone so far as to purchase Twilight Woods - in a purple package, natch from Bath and Body Works - that store is another story - too many gorgeous scents and a lipstick in the new Dior fall range in mauve. It's also one of the tones in my palate from the "Dressing Your Truth" course...I'm going to mix in some grey and perhaps navy/greyed navy in there to mix it up. I am also all about the soft, flowing fabrics and fashion again is in tune with my mood.

Once again, throughly enjoyed Kurt Elling - the blog post should be up on Jazz FM in a couple of days - he is always a revelation - and it's the fourth time I've seen him...I wonder if he's ever done or considered a collaboration with Roberta Gambarini...those two together would be sublime.

How great to be at Quotes again last night - every Friday from 5 - 8 with the CJQ (that's the Canadian Jazz Quartet) - it's a warm and welcoming hang as they say and last night's guest was the incomparable Russ Little - ooh, there's me gushing about trombone players again. Afterwards a visit to Dan, Steve and Bernie at Azure - Bernie was certainly having fun with the keyboard mixes - even adding some vocals in...

Tonight if you read this in time - check out the delightful and very witty one Whitney Ross-Barris at Ten Feet Tall.

I caught "Easy A" yesterday afternoon - great "teen" flick that grownups can enjoy too - loved husky voiced Emma Stone - great dialogue - oh, the things you wish you had thought of to say in high school. Great supporting cast - Amanda Byrne as the insufferable evangelical, the incandescent Patricia Clarkson and adorable Stanley Tucci are great as her parents and for extra credit - Lisa Kudrow as the guidance counsellor and always sharp Thomas Haden Church as Olive's beloved English teacher.

P.S. Got my Frishberg ticket!

Mauve Mo
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