Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Franken tomato

I call this frankenfood - notice the simulated stitching - it's a mystery tomato - because I can't find the tag - it is from a plant my friend Ailsa gave me earlier in the season - it will for certain be tasty, though - no mystery there!

Witness my new haircut courtesy of the wonderful Charlotte at Parlour on Ossington - she understands curly hair! It will be my more up to date profile photo....

I had a great time at the Rex last night - thanks to the Heavyweights Brass Band - who did versions of "Beat It" and "Groove is in the Heart"!! - tuba works amazingly as a bass line...loved Rob's composition of "Heavyweight" too - an enthusiastic crowd.

Tomorrow is Melissa Lauren at the Reservoir - come out and show your support....
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