Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fuerza Bruta

This gives you a vague idea of what happens in the second half of this multimedia experience I took in last night - people swimming across an incredibly resilient giant sheet of plastic suspended above the audience - who are's only an hour show. The picture is from the Guardian - UK.

They body surf across and slowly the "pool" is lowered to just above the audience so they can "touch" hands with the performers....

We are herded into a room and move around the space as directed by staff - initially a raised treadmill contraption is in the middle, a gentleman in a white suit walking, faster and faster, buffeted by wind and paper debris...people join him passing him, circling him, rolling off the end of the treadmill - there are chairs, tables....later dancing, breaking slabs of styrofoam which disperse numerous bits of shredded paper. Aerialists "running" and tumbling across a shiny mylar curtain circling the room. All accompanied by a steady drumming Argentinian/South American beat regulated by a DJ. A true New York experience - performance art.

Thank you Porter Airlines for a civilized flight experience and Super Shuttle for getting me safely and quickly into New York. Darlene the lady I spoke to at the Port Authority Info Desk was funny, warm and delightful.  You also know you're in "Joisey" by the Customs agent's accent! Yesterday a lovely lunch at Franchia - which is just around the corner from our 35th Street place - Guest House Off Park - huge room and cheap. Wandered over to Union Square and took in the Farmer's Market then shopped at ABC - a dizzying bazaar of a store - love the Terence Conran shop in the basement - bought a mushroom and a hedgehog Christmas tree ornament, Fish's Eddy and after the show a Cucumber Gimlet, nibbles and a glass of wine over on 3rd Avenue - Bar 29 - a great little cozy spot.

Today perhaps a matinee and some jazz...soon there will be shopping - Century 21!
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