Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Into the Mystic

With apologies to Van Morrison...but I had a wonderful tarot reading yesterday at Wonderworks on Harbord - I highly suggest booking an appointment with Monica on Mondays from 12 - 4 - very enlightening - in fact, I am thinking of dropping in to the Toronto Tarotists group on December 1 - bringing my deck, meeting new like minded souls and of course learning new perspectives on the fabled decks....

www.gowonderworks.com - also a great shop for many reasons - workshops, books, cards, crystals, oils...on and on....

I chose the Bohemia deck for my reading yesterday - very interesting and dark - this should be my role model - fiery and shining - stepping out on stage - that's me or what I aspire to with my singing. I am discovering it's okay to let my Leo out - thanks Nancy F - wise friend and counsellor and to quote Sly Stone...thankuformelettinmebemyselfagain. Also expressing myself - letting it out and not always be the nice girl, doing what is expected of me - I have been somewhat of the bird in the gilded cage but am asserting my independence more and more....my trip to New York was an example of that - an impetuous yet very fulfilling excursion.

I have also taken up meditating - attempting to do so for at least 15 minutes a day and of course have added yoga a couple of times a week - all new things for me and things which nurture me.

Surprisingly my singing has the power to heal people and centre them - as does my voice...wow. That would be quite a gift.

I am practicing of course - "Where is Love" and I found a version of "Blame It On My Youth" on You Tube with Ol Blue Eyes - which is simple, straightforward and lovely.  I'm looking forward to Ian Shaw at The Old Mill on Monday and working at the Whole Life Expo on Saturday with Jalanna - there I hope to purchase some Lapis Lazuli jewellery which is also in aid of expressing myself, helping the throat chakra and opening my heart up more and trusting the universe

Today I made some chocolate chip cookies - which were more like chocolate and nut butter with oatmeal as the chocolate melted..oh well, it still tastes great - a recipe from Veg Times - "The heart healthiest chocolate cookies in the World". 


Yesterday I went to an "Angel" by Thierry Mugler event - nibbles, lovely shower gel and body lotion samples and I think I may have won a door prize as the call display said they had phoned this morning when I was out but didn't leave a message...oh well, I know my Law of Attraction is working...:)
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