Friday, November 19, 2010

Whitney Ross Barris at Tranzac

Come wish her a happy birthday from 7:30 - 9:30 tonight. Whitney and Ailsa did a lovely duet on "Tis Autumn" last week at Ten Feet Tall.

Well, I continue to surprise myself and my nerves each week at the vocal workshop - I feel more confident all the time - last night I did great with "Crazy" and my assignment next week is "Blame It on My Youth"...or yute as Joe Pesci would say in one of my favourite movies "My Cousin Vinny". Also "Where is Love" for everyone - check out Irene Kral's glorious version - above. There are plans in the making - thanks to  Darlene - to corral us into singing at Girls Night Out the last Wednesday before our classes end....gulp.

Tomorrow is a trip to Brar Sweets - fabulous Indian buffet in Mississauga, visiting my dad in Welland - then Sunday it's the TVA AGM at Miles Nadal Community Centre - also the day of the annual Santa Claus Parade - wouldn't mind getting a glimpse of the Swarovski Crystal Swan - yes, I'm such a magpie.

Shout out to Diva D - radiant light to you - marvelous mermaid of N. Carolina!

Have to post the Irene Kral later as I must dash!

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