Friday, September 4, 2009

Giddy about "Glee"

I simply must express how much I love this new series on Fox....the adventures of a high school (McKinley) glee club complete with archetypes - the jock, the nerd, the diva, the edgy girl.....

I am almost as excited about this as "Mad Men"...almost....however, I can get it through my regular cable. Now I have Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" going through my brain in a constant loop. Apparently there were a lot of downloads from itunes for the "Glee" version and original. Future episodes promise some Canadian music content a la Avril Lavigne.
There is already a couple of Canadians in the cast....

Jazz wise....a certain handsome crooner/movie/tv star is coming to Jazz FM - Harry Connick Jr. I met him at the station a couple of years back - this time he is doing a live to air interview with Ross Porter...hope to blog about this.

A couple of friends have journeyed to Detroit for their jazz fest this weekend - I am high and dry...temporarily skint as the Brits say. However there is lots of jazz right here in town...Don Menza is visiting at the Rex tonight, Vanessa Rodrigues and Chris Gale on Monday, Byung Gul Jung at Trane next Wednesday....etc. etc.

A new jazz arrival - born to Max and Maria Sennitt - Antonio. Congratulations!
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