Saturday, September 26, 2009

Koerner Hall tonight!

Very exciting...I am going to blog about the Chick Corea concert for Jazz FM. I have a lovely teal dress - very flapperesque I bought in Edmonton and haven't had the opportunity to wear yet. Maybe I will take a photo, although you should know I don't like having my picture taken... Julie McGregor has let me know there is a meetup scheduled for Lula tomorrow night - Tommy Ambrose is performing. Coming up on Monday night the monthly John McLeod's Rex Hotel Orchestra at 9:30 and this weekend is the Port Hope Jazz Festival with my boss, the wonderful Larry Green doing the emcee thing. Saw Harry Connick on "Oprah" this week - been there, done that....:) I think Ross did a much more interesting interview, frankly. Love the "O" anyway. Not to mention the Dr. "O" as in Oz... "Nuit Blanche" is coming up next Saturday and I was reading in the Star that there is an opportunity to be part of a volunteer choir - what the heck, maybe I will check that out.... P.S. Sorry if I have not responded to any comments...for some reason I thought I would get notification if comments were left...hopefully this has now been rectified... And I would love feedback!!
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