Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Koerner Hall concert

My new calling card - received yesterday from VistaPrint. Very inexpensive -250 cards and a nice slim, silver case. Yes, I am excited to be going to the Chick Corea concert at the brand spanking new Koerner Hall at the Royal Conservatory - I'll post all about it on the Jazz FM Blog, bien sur. From what I've seen the new hall looks gorgeous - can't wait. Your goddess is feeling a little off today - perhaps it's the humidity/rain or the Saturn/Uranus opposition. Rather like one of those cute little hamsters on a wheel but not going anywhere. Too pity party? Enjoyed Oprah's "Mad Men" tribute - finally! Even if I can't see it - I have to be content with "Glee" and "Being Erica" - love Erin Karpluk! I think Michael Riley is hot - will there be some romantic tension there? I trust that being my resilient self I will be feeling better tomorrow and eager to hear Russ Little, Lorne Lofsky and Pat Collins at the Old Mill at 7:30 - Home Smith Bar. This trio is fab. I must say hello to Pat as I have been harassing him with emails about Mohawk's "Jazzology" contributions - i.e. students. Kudos to Dr. Oz for promoting a vegan diet on yesterday's show. He is having a "cowboy" go vegan for 28 days to turn his health around - diabetes and heart issues. You go Dr. Oz! (his wife is a vegetarian - thank you Mrs. Oz). Not only is he handsome and smart - he is also sensitive and topical.
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