Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jazz around Town

A few events happening, some of which I may actually make it to.... Margot Roi sings up a storm at the Gladstone's Melody Bar tonight starting at 7 p.m. with Mark Kieswetter and Jordan O'Connor. Russ Little, Pat Collins and Lorne Lofsky at the Old Mill's Homesmith Bar at 7:30. Alex Goodman Quintet at Tequila Bookworm around 9 ish. And for the next 2 nights at the Rex, the annual Coltrane tribute with Pat LaBarbera and Kirk McDonald sharing the sax duties. Right now I am having trouble with my gmail...grrr...Microsoft. Every time I see those Mac versus PC commercials and having had the use of my friend Richard's Mac briefly I am sorely tempted to switch.... We are busy preparing for the taping season of "Jazzology" and already have a few students scheduled. It should be another exciting year.
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