Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and sky...

That was one of my mother's favourite poems that came to me on receiving photos from my dear talented friend Deborah Salfer... This lovely lady is called "Island Hottie"..and she certainly is....have I said before how much I love mermaids? She is a life-size wood creation bedecked with crystals...lovely! And next to her is.... A painting entitled "Mermaid Music"....I like to think it's jazz...:) Gorgeous I long to be near the sea...Lake Ontario is okay but my Moon in Cancer I think makes me pine for an ocean. Bought some more amazing bath and beauty products from TVAL on Queen Street - a soap called "Fresh Cut Grass" which is teal - one of my favourite colours and a bath melt called "Goddess Lakshmi" - scented with I spelling that correctly? I also finally broke down and ordered some business cards from Vistaprint...250 for only $8 shipping cost and a card holder...naturally they are a pink tone with....."Beatnik" apropos. My funk of last night seems to have lifted and I am back on my path...scented and spirited.
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