Monday, May 3, 2010

Embracing your Demons

Shuffle that is....tonight is the start of the fortnightly (is that a word?) residency of the great Toronto ensemble at the Orbit Room on College starting at 10.

Yvette Tollar has a lunch hour gig at Yonge Dundas Square on Wednesday and Eliana Cuevas is at the Four Seasons Centre for the free 5:30 - 6:30 concert...hola!

More to come...of course the community is still in a state of shock about Rob McConnell - an incredible contribution to Canada's jazz profile internationally. His acerbic sense of humour, his great charts, musicianship and leadership...we know there's a chair for him in the big bandstand in the sky.

Visit for details on an on air tribute tonight and of course there is a wonderful documentary on Rob (I had the pleasure of transcribing this) - reminiscences of numerous musicians who worked with him including the great Guido Basso and narrated by our own Ross Porter. While there check out the Canadian Jazz Archive online.
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