Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hidden treasures

That's how I feel about student recitals - great concerts by up and coming musicians - for free....and last night's recital by Colin Power was no exception. I particularly liked "2,000 miles away" which he wrote at Banff - where I once spent 3 weeks on an Arts Adminstration training course while living in Edmonton.

Supporting band? Kelsey Grant on trombone and Fabio Ragnelli on drums to mention two and the amazing Michael Davidson on vibes....it's not often enough I hear that instrument - especially from a younger player - I hope to hear him again soon...

A little Facebook update - congratulations to the Youth in the City Honour A Band (whom I'm sure you'll get to hear on Sunday at the Rex) - including one Matthew Chalmers - the future Don Thompson - since he's already playing drums and now vibes....will piano be next or bass or does he already play those?

2010 Youth Jazz in the City Honour Combo A:

Sam Dickinson - guitar

Justin Poon - guitar

Julian Anderson-Bowes - bass

Matthew Chalmers - drums
Tomorrow night providing this sore throat is held in check by Oil of Oregano and Cold F/X I hope to go hear Madeline Forster at the Rex...oh and I got an email from Nathan Dell-Vandenberg about his upcoming CD release on May 28th. Nathan is a former "Jazzology" guest, Humber grad and a trombone player so of course he gets preferential treatment...:)
That's the info he sent me at the top of the page....I must check out that venue - that's a new one on me....
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